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Special Housekeeping Requests




We Welcome Your Home Cleaning Requests

At Seattle Cleaners, we understand that life comes with a lot of unpredictability. It is life’s little surprises that often bring the most joy. Make more time for those special moments by letting Seattle cleaners take care of the house cleaning.We are ready and willing to fulfill your special requests. No matter what your unique situation might be, you can trust Seattle cleaners.

upcoming social event?

Have you discovered that your home was chosen to host an upcoming social event? Trust Seattle Cleaners for a one-time residential housekeeping service that helps you bring your house up to par with your expectations.Has a tiny bundle of joy just entered your life? Trust Seattle cleaners to help ease your workload at home.Are you entertaining for the holidays? Trust Seattle cleaners to bring some genuine holiday cheer into your family’s celebrations.


specific schedule request

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From a specific schedule request, to a recurring monthly or weekly task or a surprise need, trusting Seattle cleaners is what thousands of families have done and continue to do on a daily basis. Bringing Seattle cleaners into your home for any special request will be a decision that you will treasure.

Let us bring some added joy into your life and request service today!



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