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Healthcare Cleaning Services


At Seattle Hospitality & Cleaning Services, healthcare cleaning services are our specialty, including cleaning healthcare institutions such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories and private specialist’s rooms.We also only use safe materials as part of our healthcare cleaning services, all of which are fully complaint with your healthcare institution’s policies. All our chemicals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the patients in your building.

Our healthcare cleaning services work to your schedule

We understand that healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics work to regular schedules, and that things like patient visiting hours, meal times and ward rounds take place and specific times.At Seattle Hospitality and Cleaning Services, our healthcare cleaning services fit in with these times in order to suit you. Depending on the size of your hospital or clinic and your specific cleaning needs, we can provide both day and night shift staff.

Other specialized healthcare cleaning services


Besides general healthcare cleaning services covering common areas and medical equipment we can clean private areas if necessary such as wards and doctor’s rooms, as well as look after your laundry function and facilities.


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